Carbonado is a mod that adds a new Material ... Carbonado, if wasn't obivious enough.
This new Material is meant to be a later game material, after Diamond (much like Netherrite).


As every other mod of mine, Advancements will guide you through the mod without needing Wikis or similar. But still, things are here if you like spoilers.


Carbonado Ore is not ordinal Ore, it can't be extracted by normal means since it's stuck in bedrock so you might need ... a blast.


Carbonado Items aren't made from scratch, instead, Diamond equipment can be upgraded to Carbonado's with the good old Anvil. If the equipment is enchanted there will be an XP cost.

Darkening Glass

Carbonado Glass is a thing, by Blasting Carbonado you obtain Shard that molten and applied to normal Glass will give Carbonado Glass. Panes are available too.