A screenshot block breaking and iron on top of a furnace and a blast furnace.
Survival Reimagined

Survival Reimagined aims to remake and expand the survival aspect of Minecraft, while trying to also keep the sandbox aspect.
This is basically IguanaTweaks Reborn 3, but with a huge overhaul. While Iguana Tweaks was a set of tweaks, this mod instead overhauls many aspects of the game, from the removed Hunger, to new tools and items, to seasons!

Advancements and Recipes

The mod uses advancements and recipes to guide the player. No need for JEI or even this website.

Modules and Features

The whole mod is split into Modules, each Module is split in highly configurable Features. Each Module / Feature can be disabled individually.

Required and recommended mods

These are the required mods to make Survival Reimagined work:

  • InsaneLib
  • Serene Seasons
  • Mobs Properties Randomness
  • Pehkui
  • Shields Plus
  • Enhanced AI
These, instead, are recommended mods that might have an integration with Survival Reimagined:
  • Passable Foliage
  • Tool Belt
  • Easy Magic
  • Corail Woodcutter


Survival reimagined is highly configurable, from the .toml file, to JSONs to Tags.
Check Tags and Json Configs.