Vulcanite is a mod that adds a new Material ... Vulcanite, if wasn't obivious enough.
This new Material is made by upgrading Iron Equipment and will grant the player some special abilities.


As every other mod of mine, Advancements will guide you through the mod without needing Wikis or similar. But still, things are here if you like spoilers.


Vulcanite Ore can be found in the Nether below Lava level but even at any height, rarely.


Vulcanite Items aren't made from scratch, instead, Iron equipment can be upgraded to Vulcanite's with the good old Anvil and Vulcanite Nuggets. If the equipment is enchanted there will be a small XP cost.

Smelting Ability

Vulcanite Tools can smelt blocks that they break.

Fire-immune Slayer

Vulcanite Weapons deal more damage to Fire-immune mobs. This damage is increased even further with Fire Aspect.

Lava Solidifying Ability

Vulcanite Armor will Solidify Lava around the player for a split second, this uses armor durability. Also falling on Solidified Lava will reduce fall damage by a lot but will set you on fire when you touch it.

Flint and Vulcanite

Flint and Steel can be upgraded to Flint and Vulcanite that will be able to set mobs on fire and ignite TNT faster.